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Hammer toe with a bunion
(please click here to view video of arthroplasty/ hammer toe surgery)
Mallet toes before surgery. Mallet toes after surgical correction
Retracted 5th toe Claw toe before surgery Claw toe after surgery
  • WHAT ARE HAMMER TOES? Toe deformities are a common source of pain and disability that may be present from birth or develop later in life. They come in a variety of forms. In most cases pain arises because the toe(s) become mis-shapen leading to pressure and friction from footwear on the skin. At an early stage the deformity may be flexible but in time it will tend to stiffen and arthritis may develop.
    AIMS OF SURGERY To correct position of toe, prevent footwear irritation and improve appearance.
    ANAESTHETIC Local anaesthetic: Local anaesthetic with sedation General Anaesthetic


    Operation time 10-30mins
    Incision placement On the top of the toe over the affected joint(s)
    Stitches We use dissolvable stitches where possible.
    Will I have wires? Wires are required on some occasions dependent upon the severity of the problem.
    When do I go home? Usually you are able to go home the same day if with the support at home of a responsible adult.
    Time off work Varies according to the nature of your work and the surgery required but usually is 4 weeks.
    INDICATIONS FOR SURGERY Pain, deformity and difficulty with shoe fit.
    ALTERNATIVE TREATMENTS You can manage your symptoms with toe covers and splints or by using broader and deeper footwear.
    • Infection (minor&serious)
    • Scar problems
    • Postoperative pain
    • Loss of sensation
    • Postoperative swelling
    • Failure of the operation
    • Medication side-effects
    • Blood clots
    • Chronic pain / swelling
  • Recurrence
  • Stiff toe joint

  • Elevated toe
  • Swelling

  • Pain under the ball of the foot due to change of weight distribution
    RECOVERY TIME Most patients can return to normal footwear (eg training or lace up shoes) and driving 2 weeks following surgery so long as there have been no post operative complications